What is a Color Consultation and why should I have one?

Blues & Grays & Greens... Oh, My!

Have you ever gone to the paint store and spent hours finding the perfect color? You fall in love with that color, take it home, put it on the walls and then discover that it looks NOTHING like the color that you fell in love with in the store?

Well, my friend, that is where a color consultation comes in!

What you may or may not realize is that color changes based on the light in a room AND the reflected light from the surrounding flooring, furniture and decor. So unless you live in a place with bright florescent lighting just like the paint store, that color you love is going to look different when you get it home and put it on the wall!

A color consultation brings all of those paint colors to you, to your home. This allows you to see the color in your lighting and next to your furniture and decor.

Another benefit of having a trained color consultant help you select colors is that they understand how colors are mixed and created. They understand why certain grays will change in certain lighting and can help you avoid color boo boos! And even if you know exactly which color that you want to use, a color consultant can help you to hone in on the exact shade or tint of that color that truly makes your color pop!

They are also trained in the various brands of paint and their sheen and can make recommendations based on how you live - such as which paints resist fading, which ones are easy to clean and durable and how different sheens will affect your paint color and it's durability.

"Paint is not cheap and it's something most of us only do once every so many years. So, do it right - love your color - and for goodness sakes, have a color consultation!" - Sheila